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Service guidelines

How does the order work ?

All you have to do is send us your request by text at 06 44 60 99 90. This number is not prime rated.
We guarantee the process of all your requests as long as they’re entirely legal and feasible.

After reviewing your demand, we are quickly sending you a total estimate (processing and delivery fees included).

You accept our offer, and everything will be done so you can enjoy it as much as possible !

How does the payment work ?

If you’re registered, you’ve already given us your bank account details. You will only be charged once you give us your full approval.

If you’re not registered yet, we send you a one-use only payment link once you accept our estimate.

In both cases, the charge will be processed by the secure online payment system Stripe.

At this moment, you can sit back and relax! CLAC will take care of everything.

When and where can I use CLAC?

Our long-distance service is available wherever you are in the world, but our express 24/7-delivery service is for the moment only available in Paris and its closest suburbs.

The extending of our express service to France’s largest cities is ongoing. You can now register on our website to be forewarned when it happens in your town.

Why am I receiving messages from a short number?

You send us your requests at 06 40 33 32 99 and we sometimes answer from our short, five-digits number beginning with 36. You can then answer on this number within a period of 12 hours.

Your new requests will have to be addressed to our original number 06 40 33 32 99 to make sure that we receive them.
Small trick: save this number in your phone contacts.

The text messages are always free (excluding your phone company extra costs) whether you send them on the long or the short number.

What should I do if I have a problem with my order?

CLAC’s goal is to make sure the service you receive is impeccable, but sometimes, mishaps can arise which are out of our reach.

In this case, the user may inquire our customer service commission, or directly register a complaint by text message at 06 44 60 99 90.

Our genius-operators can also answer to claims by e-mail on contact@clacdesdoigts.com.